The Execution of Lady Jane Grey (detail), Paul Delaroche - 1833




please watch this video of a deer having a temper tantrum because no one will feed him

feed him

look at this goddamn baby

So me today.

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God did that show go there. God did that show go there. God did that show go there. God did that show go there.
“In November I’ll be releasing my new solo record, entitled ‘Box Of Bees’. There’s no music, it’s just a box full of live bees. The deluxe edition comes with more bees.”


Gustav Klimt, born today in 1862, is primarily known for his paintings of figures, but he also painted landscapes throughout his career. 

[Gustav Klimt. The Park. 1910 or earlier.]

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youngwhitestraightsubmissiveboy asked:

How do you feel about men who are sexually submissive? Are they still oppressors?

  • me at parties: and so thats why mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent crimes is unconstitutional and needs to be struck down


All bird are bird, but some bird more bird than other bird

I love my psychology textbook, you guys.

Some birds mothers are “birdier” than other bird’s mothers. 

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